Experience the firearms used by multiple police, foreign military, and our own secret service. These firearms are comprised of Belgiums prestige Fabrique Nationale products and CMMG’s new 5.7 Banshee. FN has established itself as one of the more elite firearms manufacturers around. Their weapons being used by elite military units across the globe. This experience has the perfect blend of speed, accuracy, and power.

Price: $250

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  • FN 5.7 pistol - 20 rounds
  • FN PS90 - 50 rounds
  • Banshee 5.7 - 20 rounds
  • FN Scar 17 - 20 rounds
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Range Rules

We have rules in place to insure the safety of all our patrons. We ask that you abide by these rules to uphold a safe environment. Please take the time to read our rules so we can maintain a fun, safe, and exciting gun range!

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The Range is OPEN! We are limiting the number of people to 2 per lane! TUES-SUN and by Appointment only. CALL 702-719-5000 ext 1